Xingfa system, born for building upgrades
Focus on product development and technological innovation
Building facade system solution platform
Create a convenient, comfortable and safe living environment


From self-owned brands to cooperation with international brands, the application of doors, windows, and curtain wall products in dozens of countries and many iconic projects in the world has given us a deeper practice and exploration of global markets, products, and technologies. Globalization, multi-project practice and summary, let us have more understanding and compatibility of the human settlement environment and its differences.

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Talents are the cornerstone of the company’s sustainable development and innovation. The members of the Xingfa system team have been in business for more than ten years, and the core members have been in business for more than 20 years. From the beginning of the system door and window into China, they have accumulated a wealth of building facade technology and services. experience. The Xingfa system has a training workshop to continuously inject vitality and fresh blood into the enterprise.


Products are the carrier of the company’s core values and beliefs. Xingfa Systems focuses on product R&D and technological innovation, aiming to provide customers with green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly system window and curtain wall products.
Xingfa System will continue to improve product quality and services, continue to promote the innovation and comprehensive upgrade of building facade products, and create a convenient, comfortable and safe living environment.

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