Xingfa system, born for building upgrades


Since Xingfa Aluminum launched its own brand Winger (Winner) system in 2007, after 9 years of market baptism and the continuous evolution of 3 generations of system doors and windows, Xingfa Aluminum officially launched the "Xingfa System" brand in 2016.
Xingfa System is positioned as a brand of building facade system, focusing on product research and development and technological innovation, aiming to provide customers with green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly system doors, windows and curtain wall products. Relying on the strong industrial foundation of Xingfa Aluminum and the technical and service advantages of Xingfa's system team in the field of building systems, it creates a complete set of system solutions for climate, environment, safety and a better life in different regions of the world. In response to the unique needs of customers, Xingfa Systems can provide customized door, window and curtain wall system solutions.
In the future, Xingfa System will continue to improve product quality and services, continue to promote the innovation and comprehensive upgrade of building facade products, and create a convenient, comfortable and safe living environment.

developmentand application

Xingfa System believes that the research on the human settlement environment is as important as the extreme exquisiteness of the product itself, from the quietness of the village to the hustle and bustle of the modern city, from the extreme cold to the scorching heat, from the local to the global; we fully consider the height of people in different regions, Use habits, environment, climate and other key factors that affect user experience. Based on market demand, customer feedback, industry competition, and technology trends, we have established multiple product development stages and a three-level review system in the process to ensure the feasibility, quality and precise market positioning of Xingfa system products. The original intention of the development of each set of products has been realized.

Full supply chain management

We conduct systematic and rigorous all-round evaluation of suppliers; conduct structured and all-round certification of supplier products to ensure that suppliers have the ability to continuously meet the quality requirements of the Xingfa system; evaluate the cooperation performance of suppliers, Establish in-depth cooperative relations with the best suppliers.

Full life cyclequality control

Xingfa System realizes the quality management of the whole product life cycle through Xingfa Aluminum's integrated quality management system. Covers the entire life cycle of the product from design and development to completion of product application. Quality is not only a state, but more importantly a process. In every link, Xingfa System guarantees every set of products with a strict and complete quality management system to keep improving.


Mission: Use excellent technology to create a safe, comfortable and intelligent human settlement environment

Vision: To become the world's most influential building facade product solution provider

Values: Taking customer needs as the core, seeking truth and being pragmatic, working as a team, and proving value with results!